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Tatarsk 29 February Weather

Altitude - 108m | 55°12′54″N,75°58′26″E | map (OSM)

12 pmMostly Cloudy12mphN
Sat, May 25, 202412:36 PM (GMT +07:00)
Climatic norm in Tatarsk Feb 29
  • 10°
  • 20°
  • minimum
  • average
  • maximum


Feb 29 2024
12 am3 am6 am9 am12 pm3 pm6 pm9 pm
temperature °F17°16°16°17°17°23°25°24°
pressure in29.9929.9729.9730.0030.0130.0029.9829.97


Feb 29 2020
12 am3 am6 am9 am12 pm3 pm6 pm9 pm
temperature °F32°33°32°31°32°34°33°28°
pressure in29.8229.8229.8329.8729.9129.9429.9629.98
* Tatarsk weather for February 29 is prepared on the basis of GFS data and is intended for personal use in the "as is" (as is) format. You can see on this page Tatarsk Weather for February 29, as well as compare air temperature with the climate norm for this date. Perhaps you will be interested - for comparison, the actual weather on February 29 for previous years is presented.